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Organic Agriculture as Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies in Ni

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organic agriculture is so far the most promising approach for mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Organic agriculture presents a positive example of how farmers can help mitigate climate change and adapt to its predictable and unpredictable impacts. It can as well serve as a benchmark for allocating development resources to climate change adaptation or to measure progress in implementing climate-related multilateral environmental agreements. The benefits of Organic Agriculture regarding climate change can be summarized as follows: Organic agriculture has considerable potential for reducing emission of greenhouse gases Organic agriculture in general requires less fossil fuel per hectare and kilogram of produce to the avoidance of synthetic fertilizers. Organic agriculture aims at improving soil fertility and nitrogen supply by using leguminous crops, crop residues and cover crops. The enhanced soil fertility leads to a stabilization of soil organic matter and in many cases to a sequestration of carbon dioxide into the soils. This in turn increases the soils water retention capacity, thus contributing to better adaptation of organic agriculture under unpredictable climatic conditions with higher temperatures and uncertain precipitation levels. Organic production methods emphasizing soil carbon retention are most likely to withstand climatic challenges particularly in those countries most vulnerable to increased climatic change. Soil erosion, an important source of CO2 losses, is effectively reduced by organic agriculture. Organic agriculture can contribute substantially to agro forestry production system. Organic systems are highly adaptive to climate change due to the application of traditional skills and farmer’s knowledge, soil fertility building techniques and a high degree of diversity.

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