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Nwobu Chinaunsoo

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Should Humanity Avenge Divinity Using Chinua Achebe's "Dead Men Path" and Reuben Onyishi's "Clash of Divinity"

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The priest symbolizes the traditional attitude of the villagers and he does now meet Michael who symbolizes progress and western values. This leads to the series of unfortunate and mysterious deaths that makes the villagers retaliate by tearing down the school and destroy the compound. This ruins his work and when a supervisor arrives to Judge Michael’s progress he writes a corrosive report commenting on the “tribal war” situation. This goes to show that divinity can avenge itself and does not need humanity. Reuben Onyishi’s clash of Divinity is a fictional text that captures cultural and religious conflicts where humanity fights for divinity and by so doing make themselves swords in the hands of divinity for their own destruction, having breached the principles of a superior force. These goes to show that Divinity is for better and stronger than humanity. Humanity should rather be avenged by divinity.

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