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What is Raadaa?

Raadaa is a platform for uploading, sharing and finding research work, articles, journals and works of fiction.

Sign up on Raadaa.

Click on the sign up button, fill the form and click on sign up.

You can also sign up with different social media accounts.

The same process applies for logging in.

Upload a paper.

  1. Click on the upload button.
  2. Use the “Browse” button to find the document you want to upload and click “Continue”.
    Alternatively, you can drag the document and drop it in the box.
    Hint: you must be logged in to upload.
  3. If you are uploading multiple documents, edit their collapsible tabs one by one.
  4. Don’t forget to add the title of the work, the author and the categories it falls under. You can also add an optional summary.
  5. Click on “Save and Finish”.

Create a channel.

Channels are the easy way to collate your content and accept submissions from followers.

To create a channel:

  1. Click on channels in the menu bar.
  2. Click on the “create” button.
  3. Type the channel name and a short description.
  4. Select a privacy level for your channel.
    • - Content uploaded on public channels can be seen by everyone on the Raadaa platform.
    • - Content on followers and members only channels can be seen only by people who follow the channel and people whose content submissions have been approved by the channel admin.
    • - Content on members only channels can only be viewed by members of the channel.
  5. Add admins to the channel and click “create and continue”.
  6. Upload content on your newly-created channel.

Browse for content

To find the material or research work you want on Raadaa:

  1. Click on the Search bar at the top of the home page and type the title, topic or author you want to search for.
  2. Select from entries, people, organizations, channels and categories.

Download content

To download an entry, simply click on the download button on the right side of the entry page. It's free!

Give a review

On the entry page, click on the review button on the right side of the page. Once you’ve been redirected, give the appropriate number of stars and write a brief review of the work.

In the event of a copyright infringement

The Raadaa team takes copyright laws seriously and has zero tolerance for copyright infringement and plagiarism.

In the event that content on the platform is in violation of any copyfight laws, click on the red report button on the right side of the entry’s page to report the material.

This will send a report to our team.

Please include in your report a link to the original content so that we can verify your claim and take action as soon as possible.


Raadaa pays owners of monetized content $5 for every 1000 views on their content.

How to monetize a content?

  1. Navigate to the content you uploaded on the platform
  2. Click on edit
  3. Under the “advanced” tab, check the box labeled “I want to monetize this entry”.
  4. Click on save.
  5. Done! You’ve successfully monetized that material.
  6. After monetizing your content, a link to “earnings” will appear on your navigation bar.
  7. Click on this link to view the earnings you have made from views and reviews of your content.
  8. The “Entries” tab shows all your individual uploads and the amount made from views and reviews of each one.
  9. The “Checkout” tab shows your total earnings and a “withdraw” link for making withdrawals.
  10. Clicking on “Withdraw” will open a popup with a form asking for the amount to withdraw and the payment option to use.
  11. If you haven’t entered a payment option previously, you will be prompted to do so here.
    • - You can only make withdrawals in multiples of $5.
    • - A pending withdrawal is a request that hasn’t yet been attended to.
    • - A processing withdrawal is a request that that is being attended to.
    • - A completed withdrawal is a request that has been completed.
    • - A pending request can be deleted, but a request that is being processed cannot.
  12. The “Withdrawals“ tab lists your payment history and also allows you delete requests that are pending, but haven’t undergone processing yet.
  13. The “Payout Options” tab shows your methods of payment and allows you to add new ones and remove old ones.