1. Will I be charged for uploading my contents?
    NO. It is FREE. On, You can upload as many contents as you want Free Of Charge.
  2. How do I upload my contents?
    First you create a "user" account on RaaDaa.Com, then login and click on “upload” button.
  3. How do I receive my payment?
    Before requesting for payout, ensure that your bank details are accurately specified in your profile. Log on to your RaaDaa account and click on request payout. The Admin will use your bank details provided in your profile to process your payment. You are expected to receive your payment within 3 working days.
  4. How Do I make Money With RaaDaa.Com?
    It is easy to make money with RaaDaa.Com. Simply upload contents on your account and generate traffic to it.
  5. How much can I Make on RaaDaa?
    On, you make $5 per a thousand view on your contents.
  6. How do I promote my project work?
    On You can share your contents with your friends on facebook and on twitter, linkedin. It is simple, log in to your RaaDaa account. After oploading your contents, click on the share button under the contents to share on any
  7. Where do I check for Error if I can’t submit my project document successfully?
    Every information field with a red asterisk (*) is compulsory and must be Entered properly.