The Relationship Between Medieval and Renaissance Drama.

By Onyinye Eze


Medieval drama is also the middle age drama which lasted from 5th century and renaissance drama also bridge the gap between the middle age and modern history which dates from the 15th century to 17th century. Both shares the same characteristics as the end of medieval drama gave room for the beginning of renaissance drama, the former brought about the collapse of Roman Empire and ascension of Christian church into power and the later brought the rediscovery of past heritage which is Roman and Greek civilization that lead to the flourish of literature.
The Relationship Between Medieval and Renaissance Drama.
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In renaissance drama, renaissance writers explored religious and social theme in their work which were often explored with completely different approach than the medieval writers. Vitruvian man is an example of the blend of art and science during this time; painters, sculptors, architect that were looking for greater knowledge focused on human dignity, potential, living well in the present and importance of the individual. It sees the world as following a principal order which is known as the great chain of being; they are God, Angels, Spirits, Ancestors, Man, Animal, Plant, Stone and invisible man. This great chain of being placed Man at the center, for example in Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus which also share frame work with medieval Morality Play Everyman presented allegorical character to represent the life of man, the experience of temptation, the sins, the struggle for salvation and death. And also, intends to instruct the audience on Christian virtues and warns against vice.

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