The Presentation of Gender and Sexuality in Any Two Modern Comic Works

By Chinonso Mabel Odo


All this evidences in the play all point at the same thing-Men are more respected and seen as an authority and the Head, while women as seen as the weaker, lower and lesser half-the Tail in the society.
However, in “Ideal husband”, gender and sexuality that is shown there is that of feminist in nature, women are able to contribute positively in the society and express their opinion, they also fight for their respect. Though this is not fully granted to them but to some an extent, it is better than LION AND JEWEL where women were submissive to their husband. In Ideal husband, much emphasis is given to material things .The male character is able to exert agency over their material acquisition. The female character are trapped by object representation Therefore, the female character identity is only mutable so far as their permutation of identity favor the evolving and adapting male character .women strength are shown in case of Mrs. Cheveley when she blackmail sir Robert into supporting a fraudulent scheme to build a Canal in Argentina . This is a typical example where women express their full strength and power over men
Again, lady Chiltern expresses her feelings for Goring after the husbands secret was revealed to her. She writes letter to Goring, which exposes her love to Goring .Mabel Chiltern, also shows her own desire to express her identity with her attire. Gertrude does not want her to wear anything but pearls, which he believes is more purity but Mabel resist and stick to her desire.
The Presentation of Gender and Sexuality in Any Two Modern Comic Works
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Published: July 19, 2017

Uploaded by: Chinonso Mabel Odo

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