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The Politics, Causes and Consequences of Intrastate Conflicts in Africa: A Critical Look Into the Conflict of (Dr) Congo

By Israel Adoba


Conflict is a part of life, but when turned violent, it can be like a handshake that extends beyond the elbow
which can no longer be tolerated. In a similar understanding, the internationalization of the Congo conflict is very
complex due to the various involvements of states. However, in accomplishing the objective of this research, the
problem that led to this conflict and made this study possible was the spillover effects from the conflict. There were
issues arising from internal and external countries and actors taking sides, and also the involvement of organizations
on regional continental and global levels. My findings however included the use of proxies in the DR Congo conflict,
which served as part of the factors that played out mostly by external states sponsoring rebel groups to help fight in
Congo, and the exploitation of the resources of DRC through transnational networks was an intricate system of
political economic and socio-cultural forces. My recommendation for the issues brought out by this study was that
there should be a development in the defense base of the Congo, there should be an improvement in one of the
arms of government so that in the long run, it would enhance their balance of power system, and make it possible for
them to check each other for more effective administration, States should provide basic amenities for the citizens, in
other to avoid divided loyalty, in situations of intervention, proper agreements should be laid out in other to avoid an
infringement, and the democratic system of government should be encouraged, because when the democratic peace
theory is applied states would engage each other on the basis of war.
Keywords: Internationalization, Conflict, Political and socio-cultural forces, Balance of Power
The Politics, Causes and Consequences of Intrastate Conflicts in Africa: A Critical Look Into the Conflict of (Dr) Congo
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