The North and Political Economy of Nigeria Revenue Allocation in Nigeria

By Edeh, H.c.,  et al


The current controversy between Northern Governors and their Southern Counterparts, over how oil revenues
accruing to the Nigerians should be shared has created a deep gulf in the ranks of the governors. In the last
few days, the governors have been polarized under ethnic and regional lines over who gets what from the
Federation Account. Political and opinion leaders across the polity have also joined the fray politicians in the
nineteen (19) northern states want the fund to be abolished or its percentage significantly reduced because its
sustenance not only puts the north at a is advantaged but also poses danger for the part of the country where
literacy, poverty, ignorance and general backwardness are on the rise. The oil producing states, on the other
hand are determined to fight back to protect their right and push for a progressive increase in the derivation
formula up to fight (50) percent to cushion the impacts of years of marginalization and environmental
degradation by the oil companies in the region political watchers fear that the oil producing states could revive
the age long agitation for total resource cont control or demand a review of the current derivation formula from
the current 13 percent to 50 percent. All seem not lost for the North. The region may begin to enjoy a special
derivation from solid minerals based on ongoing arrangement by the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal
Allocation Commission (RMFC). Despite the criticisms there are indications, that the north was ready to go
the whole hog as the region recently set up the ten (10) Committees to harmonise its interest. The paper
concludes by positing that the Northern agitation is rather, a product of deep seated envy and parochial
The North and Political Economy of Nigeria Revenue Allocation in Nigeria
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Edeh, H.c.,

Edeh, H.c.,

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Leo-nnoli, T.c.

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Eme, I.o.


4.8 (4 reviews)
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