The Influence of Ambient Advertising

By Saa-aondo Stephen Asombu


Advertising industry is undergoing thought-provoking innovations due to the influence of the new unusual, unexpected, awe-inspiring form of advertising branded as “ambient advertising.” The ambient advertising has introduced tremendous innovations in marketing communication, which have imposed significant influence on marketing of goods and services. This study investigates ambient advertising in Benue State (Nigeria) with a view to determine the extent to which it has influenced the patronage of goods and services in the state.
The Influence of Ambient Advertising
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This study “An Assessment of the Influence of Ambient Advertising on Patronage of Goods and Services in Benue State” is a survey research carried out with the general objective of determining the implications of ambient advertising on marketing of goods and services in Benue State. Three major towns (Adikpo, Makurdi, and Otukpo) were selected across the state as population of study using a multi-stage sampling procedure involving stratified, purposive, and simple random sampling techniques. The study used questionnaire to gather data from a sample size of 400 respondents, determined statistically using Taro Yamane formula, and in-depth interview with nine organizations. Questionnaire was analysed using tables and simple percentages while in-depth interview was analysed using inductive thematic analysis. Chi-Square was used for the test of hypothesis. Findings revealed (inter alia), that ambient advertising has significantly influenced consumers in patronising goods and services in Benue State. Findings also revealed that vehicle wraps, street furniture, ambient lights, clothes/ hand-held materials, walkway messages, and pictorial slabs are some of the appeals/ techniques used in ambient advertising in Benue State. The study concludes that ambient advertising is an effective and affordable tool for marketing goods and services, and its strategies are being fast adopted in Benue State with significant influence on patronage of goods and services. The study recommended amongst other things, that organisations that have adopted ambient advertising in Benue State should promote research into it in order to harness its full potentials and economic relevance; and that advertising practitioners in the State should raise sectorial bodies in ambient advertising just like we have Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria, in order to encourage professionalism in the subsector.

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