Social Developemnt

By Joseph Musa


This talks on Social studies Education and how it helps in Nation Building in Nigeria. the focus here is Nigeria, reason be that the question asked here was focus at this area.
Social studies education in Nigeria have a special task to perform in transforming Nigeria into a modern state. They include healing the social and political wounds of the past decades, nurturing the most recent hopes in good ethnic group relationship and nationalism, and the engendering constructive reforms to make the nation a just and progressive society. It contribute in making citizens understand the diversity among the people of Nigeria and further leads them to see the cooperation and later-dependence among them which are among the major elements of nation-building and further plays the role of making the people appreciate and respect the cultural diversity of Nigeria and to realize the need for cooperation, unity and peace in the country (Sheshi T, 2002)
Just not to long from when this assignment was published, the Governor of Benue State was able to take back his seat after a long talk in the courst. Governor Samuel Ortom.
Social Developemnt
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Published: January 22, 2020

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Social Studies Education as a field of study instills in students the knowledge skills considered important in the relationship and interaction of man and those around him and the entire environment. The Nigeria educational system has undergone many changes in the last few years, as well as its social development. It is in this light we want to discuss the role social studies education play in nation binding in Nigeria. One of the objective of social studies education is to Create awareness of and sensitivity to man’s environment. It contribute in achieving national objective by relying on its peculiar methodology using inquiry, topical, problematic, project activities and other approaches to expose the children to the pros and cons of various situation, so that they can arrive at their own independent, conclusions based on reasoned judgment. social studies education play’s a very vital role in developing rational thinking ability for practical social life, promoting of political literacy and encouraging democratic values and principles for the promotion of functional citizenship. It also enables citizens to develop positive attitudes towards other people and toward citizenship and also to contribute his best towards the welfare of the society and building up of Nigeria


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