Should Humanity Avenge for Divinitydocx

By Francesca Ebelenna


From these two perspective, humanity have no reason to avenge divinity, for what will be, will be. If the path believed to be the existence of the village is their existence, then its power and force cannot be dealt with. And if Omaba spirits are spirits indeed, let it fight for itself, for humanity and divinity is a clash on its own and have nothing in common. Their thoughts are not the same neither are the actions the same. Humanity most often cannot understand the forces beyond its existence which have remained inexplicable up till today and would remain the same as long as humanity is concerned.
Should Humanity Avenge for Divinitydocx
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Published: July 11, 2017

Uploaded by: Francesca Ebelenna

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According to Advanced Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, “Humanity” refers to people in general or the state of being a person rather than a god, an animal or a machine. “Divinity” itself is the quality of being a god or like God or the study of the nature of God and religious belief. Religion as most often presented in Nigerian Literature is oppressive. And from the works of Chinua Achebe’s Dead Men’s Path and Reuben Onyeishi’s Clash of Divinity, there is a presentation of religious clash, prejudices and misconceptions. So the question is “should humanity avenge for divinity?

In Clash of Divinity, the people of Imobi though predominantly Catholics cannot be deterred from their practice of traditional ways. The celebration of Omaba masquerade festival was highly valued in the community. Indigenous people of Imobi travelled from far and wide just to attend the festival. There is Imobi tradition which reflected Omoba myth against women. Women were not allowed to participate in the festival. It was believed that any woman that so much as sees the nakedness of the masquerade will die, this was a belief and the women folk enjoyed it. It became their doctrine and was highly engraved in their minds that they are not cross paths with the Omoba spirits, this was tradition.

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