Relationship Between Accounting Information System and Management Information System

By Success Ogenyi Ikwebe


Different opinions about the relationships between MIS and AIS are explained in this article.
But before explaining any kind of relationships, it
is necessary to specify MIS and AIS definitions and
set the range of each system. As it is explained, there
are two completely different definitions about MIS.
One of them is overall and involves all the organization and information systems in it and another one
is a part of organization. Therefore, it can be said
that if MIS involves all the organization, then AIS
is a sub-system of MIS and the main goal of MIS
is effective use of organization’s information systems. But, if MIS is a system which is developed to
provide information for managers, firstthe common
features and differences between them should be
listed and then determined the relationship between them. It is clear to also note that they both consists of computers and humans, sub-system, aid information for decision making.
Relationship Between Accounting Information System and Management Information System
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The role of information systems becomes 
more prominent with the growing development of 
technology and increasing in information needs. 
Although, information systems are not comput￾ers as most of people think, we need information 
systems to achieve our goals. But with the growth 
of technology, information systems obtain a more 
prominent role. In such circumstances, a better 
understanding of information systems can help 
organizations in achieving their goals. The main 
purpose of this article addressed the relation￾ship between accounting information system and 
management information system by reviewing the 
literature on characteristics of both information 
systems. Moreover, the summary of results and 
findings of each case is presented.
Keywords: System, accounting information sys￾tem, management information system, subsystem.

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