Policy Implementation and National Development: A Study of Japan and Nigeria Railway Policies

By Ezugwu Chigozie


This study examines the nature of railway and their policies in Nigeria and Japan with a focus on finding out the factors that have hindered successful policy implementation in the Nigerian railway sectors and how these processes have affected national development. It has the objective of finding out the strategies that enabled success of the Japanese railways and how these strategies can be applied in Nigeria to rescue the current dilapidated railway sector. The researcher used primary and secondary methods of data collection to gather the needed data. The data obtained through questionnaires were presented in tables and analyzed using the simple percentage. The findings have also shown that factors which militate against successful policy implementation in Nigeria include lack of continuity and multiplicity of policy by different administrations in Nigeria, inadequate resources, non involvement of the local people in policy implementation and corruption. It also discovered that the low level of implementation has been responsible for the low level of development in Nigeria and that the success of the Japanese railway system is as a result of the strategic restructuring of the system in 1986 and that this has been responsible for the country`s high level of development. The researcher therefore recommended that for policies to be successfully implemented in Nigeria, there must be a political will by government, local people must be involved, resources must be adequately mobilized and corruption should be strictly avoided. Others include policy restructure and privatization of the rail sector, decentralization of railways into regional or state based, separation of passengers and freight railways etc. And that the money realized from the sectors should be deployed in developing other sectors. These ensure efficiency of the implementation process of policies and that of the railway system and consequently enhancing national development.
Policy Implementation and National Development: A Study of Japan and Nigeria Railway Policies
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