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Patriotic Lamentation by Jogar

By Aboki Associates


The leadership has, in the last five decades, exploited the
patience of Nigerians and violated their integrity with
impunity, while the masses have been made to put up with
provocative hardship without losing their temper. Nigerians
have cause to be angry or even cry for government having
little to show for the enormous resources and opportunities
offered this country by nature. Even when the abuses
continue with little inhibition, Nigerians look forward with
hope that the future could be better. The abuses have created
heavy moral burden both on the leadership and the masses,
creating a bleak future and uncertainties that have brought
grief to many.

Crazy appetite for power and wealth has led to reckless
and violent struggle in the polity to which Nigerians have
devoted so much energy and time which could have been
gainfully deployed in more beneficial projects. The missed
opportunities and headache of the over 30 years of military
dictatorship with its distractions served as a journey with
no clear destination. The distractions, irritations, frustrations
and fears have led to fading hope and failed expectations.
These have led to unwelcome reversals in the nation’s
fortune. That notwithstanding, the less privileged Nigerians.
Patriotic Lamentation by Jogar
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The nation’s politicians have exploited the benevolence and
fortitude of Nigerians with utter impunity in the last five
decades of the nation’s independence. They have
ambushed the nation’s treasury, in a manner, never known
before, and looted it to stupor.

Today, about ninety per cent of the nation’s wealth is in
the pockets of corrupt government officials who are less
than five per cent of the country’s two hundred million
people. Yet they show no restraint in their pursuit of more
wealth and power that comes with it.

For fifty years Nigerians have put up with provocative
hardship without losing their temper. Indeed, they have
been remarkably patient with the ruling elites for their
avarice, miss-governance, and for carrying on as if the nation
is their personal estate. Since the abuse continues with no
sense of shame, the option for Nigerians is to end the mess
by taking more creative and progressive steps forward in
the struggle for social, economic and political justice.

The enthronement and fortification of true democracy is
the answer to the abuse, but remains a mirage so long as
politics is the preserve of money bags that have raised the
stakes for the pecks that come with it. For the jobbers, the
price is worth the trouble even if the nation is in jeopardy,
for their excessive greed and vanity.

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