Oath of Secrecy in the Nigerian Public Service

By Okechukwu Eme  et al


Oath of secrecy is part of the civil service tradition for employees to take an oath of office of
allegiance before their assumption of duty, but the manner, timing, and wordings of the
recent oath of secrecy administered to the People Democratic Party, National Assembly and
Presidency Workers can only be indicatively unambiguous phobia and deep-seated disdain
for free flow of information on the part of the clearly desperate master minders of the whole
unedifying exercise. No doubt, most of these workers have been in the employ of these
institutions many years before the present sets of leadership was inaugurated and the
assumption is that they would have performed this mandatory exercise long before now. The
paper conceptualized public service and oath of secrecy. It goes on to highlight the
background to the oath of secrecy and its location within the concept of administrative
loyalty. It also examines the implications of the act on transparency initiatives in the Nigeria
public service. The paper goes on to explore the manifestations of arts of disloyalty among
civil servant and the consequences. The paper, therefore, shares the thesis that the oath of
secrecy was a pointless and wasted exercise whose only benefit is the bad image it would
return to the PDP, Presidency and the National Assembly because of its timing. Though the
paper supports the oath of secrecy in the public service but concludes by positing that
Nigerian leaders cannot afford to portray themselves as sworn enemies of openness,
accountability, anti-corruption and transparency, which now widely defined the concept of
good governance.
Oath of Secrecy in the Nigerian Public Service
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