Metaphysics: Its Meaning, Nature, and Relevance to Man and Society

By Nicholas U. Asogwa


Philosophy as the love for wisdom beams its searchlight towards every aspect of human endeavour where knowledge could be acquired. However, to effectively carry out this task, it is sub-divided into different branches, with each focusing on a given aspect of reality. These divisions or branches of philosophy include Epistemology, Logic, Ethics, Aesthetic, and Metaphysics, etc.
This work, however, centres on the branch of philosophy known as metaphysics. The aim is to undergo an extensive exposition of the meaning, nature, scope, and relevance of metaphysics to man and society. Accordingly, our discourse on the subject is categorized in that order. Experience has shown that the majority of those who misconceive and dread philosophy do so mainly with regard to the metaphysics aspect of it. Their grouse with metaphysics is that for them metaphysics is synonymous with occultism and mysticism. Besides, they complain that metaphysics is rife with abstract and hair-splitting terms.
Part of the aim of this work is, therefore, to demystify metaphysics by presenting it in the simplest manner such that every class of people in the society can read and comprehend it without the assistance of a professional philosopher. Apart from presenting a detailed explanation of the meaning of metaphysics, other issues such as the sub-divisions of metaphysics as well as the basic elements or fundamental questions of metaphysics were adequately treated. The work was concluded with a consideration of the relevance of metaphysics to man and society.
Metaphysics: Its Meaning, Nature, and Relevance to Man and Society
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4.3 (6 reviews)
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