Hardware Description Language (Hdl): An Efficient Approach to Device Independent Designs for Vlsi Market Segments

By Dr.kennedy Chinedu Okafor


Contemporarily, owing to astronomical
advancements in the very large scale integration (VLSI)
market segments, hardware engineers are now focusing on
how to develop their new digital system designs in
programmable languages like very high speed integrated
circuit hardware description language, (VHDL) and Verilog
and consequently target it to Complex programmable logic
devices (CPLDs) and Field programmable gate arrays
(FPGAs). This paper focuses on using VHDL, to design an
application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) liquid
dispenser controller system while targeting the device
independent architecture (Ultra 3700 CPLD series) for
synthesis ,optimization and fitting to realize the design. The
ASIC controller has two bin cans to dispense regular and diet
drinks. The system dispenses a drink if the user activates a
button for that drink and at least one can is available. A refill
signal appears when both bins are empty. Activating a reset
signal informs the system that the machine has been refilled
and the bins are full. The design methodology is presented
with other details in the body of this paper.
Hardware Description Language (Hdl): An Efficient Approach to Device Independent Designs for Vlsi Market Segments
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Published: July 15, 2011

Uploaded by: Dr.kennedy Chinedu Okafor

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About the Author

Dr.kennedy Chinedu Okafor

Dr.kennedy Chinedu Okafor

Dr. Kennedy Chinedu Okafor is a Senior Member of the IEEE,USA, an Expert in HPC/Cybersecurity. He had his B.Eng in Electrical Electronics Engineering from Enugu State University of Science and Technology,(ESUT), M.Eng and Ph.D in Electronic Engineering from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, (UNN), respectively. He is the CEO of Kswitche Consults, a leading R&D organization in Nigeria and have worked with Electronic Development Institute (Former Center For Adaptation of Technology-CAT), Awka under National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure, (NASENI-FMST), Nigeria as a Senior R&D Engineer from 2006-2014. He has various vendor certifications including CCNA,CCNP (Fog, edge, routing and switching), ComPTIA A+, and Server+. In 2009, he served with the House of Representative Committee on Cyber-security and Information Protection Bill. In 2010, he executed a major World Bank project (ICT) in Anambra State. Also, he was the lead consultant in the Biometric Data Capture for PHCN in 2011. He has worked in different areas of advanced digital electronics and computer systems design such as Smart Meters, Cloud SOA applications, Smart green automation with IoTs, Cyber-Physical Apps, Modelling/Simulation of Real Time Systems; FPGA/CPLD implementations using VHDL WARP Cypress, Quatus II, JAVA Netbeans, MATLAB Sim & Riverbed Modeller. His areas of interest include - HPC Design Infrastructure, Middlewares, Embedded /VLSI computational intelligence, Enterprise-Wide Systems, & CyberSecurity. He has about 125 technical publications, and has presented papers in both Int'l and local conferences. He is a Lecturer in the Department of EEE/Mechatronics Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, (FUTO). Professionally, he is a cooperate Member of NSE, NCS, IAENG, AASCIT, CSEAN & COREN registered. He is a member of editorial board in IJCAC (USA),IJACSA,(UK), IJISP(USA), SJET(India), Computer Science Archive,(USA),etc indexed in ISI Web of Science (Thomson Reuters).


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