Given the Power to Make Changes in Nigeria: How Can You Improve the Economy by Ogugofor Obianuju

By Obianuju Ogugofor


An essay towards achieving economic growth in Nigeria
Given the Power to Make Changes in Nigeria: How Can You Improve the Economy by Ogugofor Obianuju
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It is not a nouveau concept when individuals belabor the despicable state of the Nigerian economy. The Nigerian economy is at a record low presently and the citizenry who are supposed to enjoy the dividends of the national resources are left to suffer in abject poverty and hopelessness.

If given the power to effect changes in the Nigerian economic sector, I will achieve the following:

  • Local production of commercial items, household products and clothing: There is no gainsaying that both the recent and past Nigerian governments have continually imported the aforementioned products to meet its citizen’s needs. It is heart wrenching that even common items like matches and pencils are imported regularly. Nigeria has both the resources and manpower to achieve successful production of these basic commodities to meet its needs and even export surplus to other countries. Therefore, I would encourage people to produce their own food. Small and medium scale entrepreneurs would be supported with loans at little or no interest to go into mass production of these commodities. This will go a long way to boost the national GDP and the standard of living of all citizens.
  • Diversification: Since Nigeria gained independence in 1960, the economy has relied greatly on exportation of crude oil to generate revenue to cover its expenditures. Gone are the days of the great groundnut pyramids in Kano. Gone are the days when Nigeria was the largest exporter of cocoa in the world, gone are the good old days. If given the authority, I will call for a total revamp and overhaul of the Nigerian economy. Tourism development, agricultural commercialization and mining of other minerals like Tin, Coal and Limestone will be at the forefront when it comes to revenue generation for the economy. It should be noted that countries like Dubai and Seychelles depend exclusively on tourism to generate their revenue. To that effect, tourist centers like the Obudu cattle ranch in Calabar, Ogbunike cave in Anambra, Yankari Games Reserve in Bauchi and a host of others will be restructured to meet up to standards and generate income for the economy.
  • Restructuring the educational sector: A popular axiom says: The children are the leaders of tomorrow. What will happen if these supposed leaders of tomorrow are not properly enlightened and trained? They will become bad leaders and the economy will suffer. It is no news that president of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari happens to be leading this country without a WAEC certificate; little wonder the economy is in total disarray. Though education does not guarantee wisdom, it partly leads to developing responsible individuals who become knowledgeable leaders. Thus, the educational sector will be duly rebranded. Qualified teachers with good moral training would be employed, infrastructures will be renovated at all levels of education, that is primary, secondary and university levels to produce future leaders that will uphold the honour and glory of the nation.
  • Provision of basic social amenities: The recent and past governments of this country has continually failed in their duty of provision of basic social amenities. There are no good roads, electricity, pipe borne water, waste disposal systems, et cetera. Small and medium scale entrepreneurs are discouraged from continuing in their businesses due to lack of important resources required for production of their goods. If given the power to make relevant changes, I would ensure that roads are constructed where there are none and existing ones are repaired and frequently maintained. Electricity problems will be duly solved and the power output coming from the national grid would be increased.
  • Fight against corruption: No matter how dedicated a nation’s government is to problem solving, the presence of corrupt officials will undermine any good effort made. Therefore, if given the power to make changes in the Nigerian economy, I would ensure that only transparent individuals are employed into the economic team of the nation. Corrupt individuals will be sacked and made to remit stolen funds to the national treasury or face jail term. This will go a long way in sustaining national development.

I believe these actions and a host of others will go a long way in emancipating Nigerians from the shackles of penury and hopelessness and let them enjoy the dividends of democracy.






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