Gideon Jata the Chief Security

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The invasion of terrorist attacks has changed the face of security operation worldwide. Security has become a common theme considered by almost every person around the world. However, as security personnel already know, the basic concepts and theories of security and loss prevention are not changed by a single event. Antiterroristsprofessionalshadbeenpredicting much of what happened on 9/11 in USA as well as terrorist attacks in Africa in general terms for the past several decades. What is important is that we learn lessons that are present in the development of security operations, apply those that relates to our present situation, modify those that have potential to assist us in our efforts and discard outdated and outmodel ideas and technology.
Gideon Jata the Chief Security
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The world is in a state of dynamism and African is not left out, a complete revolution in the security industry is occurring. Invasion of terrorists attacks in Nigeria (Niger Militants, Boko Horam, Omase and other groups) the September 11, 2001 attacks on World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC have shaken the security industry in Nigeria and the world in general, whether private or government.

Government involvement in security industry has become a must, whether the involvement is entirely positive or is heavy handed, as exemplified by the suggestion and partly implementation of a natural identification system which was truncated coupled with the security industry’s response to the going threat of world terrorism is the need to line up with an ever so rapidly changed technology used both in the industry and against it by criminals.

Protection of information as top secret has become even more complex. Computer system that contains all types of information as making life both more easier and complex. Information exchange occur just a click of a computer key. This exchange of information relies more on the internal and computer network connected to the internet is subject to attack by hackers and criminals.

This text only sought to outline the basic concept s or diverse components that make up the security function. Other general attacks like the world trade centre, pentagon, the Murray Federal Building in ‘Oklahoma City, the Nigeria Police Force Headquarters in Abuja, the United Nations Office in Abuja, all calls for an internal coalition to wage war against world terrorism

and put the world citizens on alert. 

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