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As it expanded and gained prominence, the drama required spaces of its own. The appearance of the theatres and the existence of professional acting companies (composed, until the latter half of the 17th century, only men & boys), showed that plays, players and play wrights had become an established part of the contemporary scene.
Medieval drama and renaissance drama are too distinct periods in history. It belongs to the middle ages and centered on concepts such as religion, Chivalry, and Courtly love and Renaissance drama involved religion, historical and social issues. It explored religion in a different approach. It was written in early modern English.
Discuss Relationship Olabisidocx
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Published: July 18, 2017

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       Medieval Drama is traceable to medieval church sermon and mass which had had some dramatic characteristics. The human impulse to indulge in mimesis, which received impetus from religious tropes, gave birth to the new form of drama prevalent during the medieval era. Medieval drama continued to grow with the addition of many scenes in the church to the church services. Sometimes it becomes necessary for the medieval church to look for what might be regarded as setting. The church façade proved unable to contain the teeming masses that came to watch these plays that medieval drama was forced to leave the church and seek existence outside it.

       Renaissance Drama is the period of rebirth. It was a period that marked the rediscovery of past heritage, an age which epitomized in the rediscovery of Greek and Roman.

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