Contemporary Sex

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Many scholars have done studies in the area of sex education. Yet no treatment of sex education can be considered more credible from a Christian perspective than this. In this book, Contemporary Sex Education in the Light of Christianity, the author understands human sexuality as a fundamental modality of how we relate to other people, to ourselves and to God. Hence, sexuality is seen as a mystery of covenant between God and human kind.
The author again sees sexual activity as being tied to one’s total development as a human person. Human beings exist and function as sexual persons; i.e sexuality is a characteristic of our very human nature and therefore, should be used to facilitate growth towards identity and maturity. Consequently, to understand our sexuality there is need for sex education with guidelines for the use and understanding of the sex act.
I endorse this book. As a scholarly work, the author has been able to draw from many sources in a comprehensive and cogent message. While the topics covered here are controversial, they are handled with sober reflection and academic honesty. It is expected that the reader of this book of whatever age, at the end of going through would have acquired a rich knowledge of how to overcome his or her sexual problems.
To the author’s credit, this book remains readable for every category of students, the teacher and the concerned Christian.
Contemporary Sex
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Sexuality plays a vital role in the individual’s development ot maturity through a process of growing self-awareness and a successful adjustment to one’s sexuality. The ability to come to terms with one’s maleness or femaleness is a basic requisite for being able to live comfortably in society. This therefore serves as an ideal text for teen and adult study. It is a highly accessible source book for counsellors as well as pastors. It significantly fills the “confidence void” for many parents concerned with and confused by the behaviour and questions of today’s youth. Major topics addressed in this work include contemporary secular and religious views of sexuality, sexual behaviour, contraception, masturbation, homosexuality, extra-marital relationship, abortion, natural family planning, HIV/AIDS and other issues in biomedicine. 

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