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Christianity and Its Impacts in Edem-Ani in Nsukka Local Government Area Enugu Statedocx

By Victor Ajibo


Summarily, the establishment of Christianity in Nigeria, Igboland, and most especially in the community of Edem-Ani, is an occurrence that has been of a great concern to the people. This is because of the impacts that the Christian religion ant the missionaries have given to the community (Edem-Ani) so far. But it should be understood that most of these contributions of Christianity on the people’s lives and living is not only based on the positive aspects, but rather, there were other areas that were affected due to the coming of the Christian Mission in Edem-Ani.
Most of these impacts are still seen in the tradition, religion, culture, economy, politics, education and social lives of the people.
Though these Christian Missionaries have come and gone, thereby leaving a legacy for the natives, yet some of these traditional and cultural practices of the people still exists. This shows the solidity of the people’s culture and tradition. In Edem-Ani today, there are still traces of these traditional practices. There are even those that combines Christianity and traditional religion among the Edem-Ani people. This shows the high rate of syncretism among the natives that were converted to Christianity.
Finally, it is important to know that the introduction of Christianity in Edem-Ani and “Edem” as a whole, did not just have impact on the people’s lives alone, but also led to the development of their environments infrastructurally. This was because, the Christian Missionaries came to the community, not only to evangelize them, but to also develop the area. Roads were constructed for the sake of free passage into other parts of the community.
Also schools, hospitals and other facilities that would facilitate the spread of the gospel, were also put in place.
Christianity and Its Impacts in Edem-Ani in Nsukka Local Government Area Enugu Statedocx
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Published: July 12, 2018

Uploaded by: Victor Ajibo

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