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Challenges and Prospects in School Library Environment

By Ginika Favour


School library can be referred to a library within an academic environment where students, staff and sometimes parents have access to a variety of educational materials such as books, tapes, etc. The importance of the school library is to ensure that both the students and staff including the entire school environment have access to the library resources such as books, information and technology sources in the school.
School libraries differs from the public libraries because they are mirrored after the school curriculum and also serve as coordinating centre for the educational resources in the school unlike the public libraries that are designed for the general public both in book stacks and purpose.
Challenges and Prospects in School Library Environment
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A library is a building or collection of written and non written materials and other sources of information stored in an easily accessible format for public or defined individual community consumption.  Library environment is the surrounding conditions and areas within the library that impact and affect the library both negatively and positively. This paper examines the challenges and prospect in a school library environment with the aim to identify conditions that challenge a successful school library environment.  It states that library location, building and construction plans and natural disaster are among the challenges facing the school library environment. It uses secondary methods of data collection to gather the needed data while recommending that for a successful school library environment to be maintained, library must be situated in a serene and noiseless environment, with good building plans and accurate feasibility studies.

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5.0 (1 reviews)
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