A Basic Guide for Use of English Language

By Aboki Associates


Since the introduction of English Language in Nigeria by the British colonialists, the language has been vested with very important functions. It is the official language of communication in Nigeria as well as the language of instruction at all levels of our educational system among other functions. As a result, the need for the mastery of the use of English cannot be overemphasized.
This book is designed for students and users of English Language who need to have a mastery of both spoken and written English. It is an essential ingredient for candidates preparing for Junior and Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations as well as Post Secondary School Education.
The book is divided into eight chapters covering different aspects of English. Chapter one considers the concept of grammar and related topics such as; morpheme, affixation, phrase, clause, sentence etc. The second chapter treats parts of speech. Chapter three deals with punctuation marks while Chapter four treats the rules of concord. In Chapter five, the four types of essays as well as speech writing and letter writing have been discussed in detail. Chapter six focuses on comprehension and summary, figurative use of language and semantic relations such as, antonyms, synonyms, homophones, homonyms and homographs. Similarly, chapter seven discusses direct and indirect speech, tense, aspect and voice. Finally, Chapter eight deals with Idiomatic expressions, categorized into prepositional, verbal and nominal with adequate examples for easy understanding. I have no doubt that this book will be of tremendous assistance to learners of English at all levels.
A Basic Guide for Use of English Language
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It is an indisputable fact that the mastery of English Language is a problem to people who either speak or write it as a second or foreign language. The difficulty found in the use of English Language is largely tied to its nature and diversity. This spans from the aspects of grammar to its different dilute forms or styles such as slang, jargon, pidgin and creoles.

Faced with this ugly situation, the users of English Language are often confused and can hardly get anywhere if they are not properly guided. This is important especially as schools and other establishments insist on candidates or applicants excelling in the English Language before being considered for either admission or employment as the case may be. This explains why A Basic Guide for Use of English Language is written by the author. It addresses in great depth most aspects of the English Language that users find extremely difficult.

To this end, I commend the author who is my Royal Father for his brilliant work. Considering his background and tight schedule (then as Press Secretary to the Paramount Ruler of the Tiv people and Chairman, Benue State Council of Traditional Rulers, His Royal Majesty, Orchvirigh Dr Alfred Akawe Torkula), Tor Tiv the IV; one must praise him for being able to cope with the task. It is my recommendation that the book be read widely to remedy the deficiency in the use of English Language. 

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