The Nigeria Symposium for Young and Emerging Leaders, 2018 cover photo

The Nigeria Symposium for Young and Emerging Leaders, 2018

Ended 10 months ago

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Muson Centre Agip Hall, Muson centre Onikan,, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria


10:00 AM

The Future Projects

About The Nigeria Symposium for Young and Emerging Leaders, 2018

There is no better time to begin to consider active youth involvement in governance than 2019, given the fact that it is an election year. It is for this reason that The Future Project will host its annual one-day symposium to further complement the media advocacy on which is directed at active citizenship and responsible government. Young people need to begin to consider contesting for election to political offices - to do this, they must understand what it takes to contest and win elections. There is an urgent need for a generational shift – a phenomenon that is gradually taking over the world. Kenya recently produced a member of the legislature who is in his early twenties, France is another example. It is however important that the concept of youth involvement is lucidly explained, the concept connotes that the older generation makes room for the younger ones in the political space. In other words, encouraging a gradual generational leap, but beyond this is a vibrant activism which is essential for a deliberate youth involvement. It means that young people take the bull by the horn by getting themselves involved even if the government is not inclusive, and this only comes through the ballot paper. Hence youth involvement is in two ways, first, government includes young people in the political process, while the second involves youth taking initiative, by contesting for election and participating in politics.

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