South Africa International Conference on Education cover photo

South Africa International Conference on Education

Ended 6 months ago

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Manhattan Hotel,, Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa

17-09-2018 to 19-09-2018

10:00 AM

African Academic Research Forum (AARF).

About South Africa International Conference on Education

The International Conference on Educational Technologies. The event is co-organised by Western Sydney University. The event is the scientific conference addressing the real topics as seen by teachers, students, parents and school leaders. Both scientists, professionals and institutional leaders are invited to be informed by experts, sharpen the understanding what education needs and how to achieve it. African Academic This conference is dedicated to the advancement of research on educational technologies and it focuses on topics such as advanced classroom technology, animation and 3D systems, collaborative virtual environments, computational thinking, digital libraries and repositories, digital media in education, intelligent tutoring systems, and much more.

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