Senior International Project Manager Training. cover photo

Senior International Project Manager Training.

Ended 10 months ago

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Conference center, Accra, Accra, Ghana

28-05-2018 to 31-05-2018

10:00 AM

LEORON Professional Development Institute

About Senior International Project Manager Training.

Senior International Project Manager​ training should be attend by: Project managers wishing to formalize and extend their existing knowledge from a project competency perspective whilst building on best international practices based on knowledge areas and processes Any senior project stakeholder moving into an international environment wishing to understand the challenges around achieving successful international projects and programs Senior managers/directors who would like to develop their strategic skills for the selection and successful management of projects and programs Team leaders working in an international project environment that would like to broaden their understanding of the different perspectives of project management including theories/eponymous laws such as agency theory, stewardship theory, Parkinson’s law and student syndrome and how these impact project success Team members looking to develop their awareness of international project management and how they can best support their project managers Sponsors of projects, who would like to learn more about how international projects are setup and managed as well as many tips on their role and how to be an excellent and supportive sponsor

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