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Business Data Analysis and Modeling with Excel Training.

Ended 11 months ago

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5/7 Alade Lawal Street, Opposite Divisional Police Station, Off Ikorodu Road, Anthony,, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

15-05-2018 to 18-05-2018

08:30 AM

Tom Associates

About Business Data Analysis and Modeling with Excel Training.

This program will make participants with little or no knowledge in modeling understand how to build a working data analysis model in excel. They will be equipped with advanced excel functions vital in modeling financial and business data. The will also be equipped with Excel Macro in visual basic to handle repetitive tasks. This programme will enable participants: Be able to Model and Forecast Financial Reports Be able to Reference and Linking Business data in models Build cash and flexible budget models Able to use various breakeven techniques Know how to value businesses Make optimal decision regarding investment. Course Contents Day One Business Performance Analysis Cash flow Forecast Models Excel Referencing and application Linking and worksheet Consolidation Forecasting Models Historical Forecast (Point Forecast) Trend Lines (Interval Forecast) Cyclicality and Seasonality Forecasting Financial Reports; Key Drivers Driving Financial Statements Alternative Approaches Variance Analysis Breakeven Analysis Breakeven Operating Leverage Financial Leverage Day Two Budget variance Budgeting and Control Example of Personal Budget Example of Company Budget Flexible budget model Fixed budget model. Day Three Portfolio Analysis Cost of Capital Capital Asset Pricing Model Dividend Growth Model Cost of Preference Share Cost of Debt Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) Marginal WACC Investment Analysis Payback Period Accounting Rate of Returns Internal Rate of Return Net Present Value Loan Management and Loan Determination Schedule Benefit/Cost Ratio Capital Rationing Scenarios and Sensitivity Analysis and Charts Risk and Return Analysis Day Four Company Valuation Adjusted Accounting Valuation Dividends Valuation Market Valuation Free Cash flow Valuation Portfolio Analysis Optimization Elements of Optimization Models Linear Programming Margin Maximization Bayes’ Theorem Decision Tree Model Building Sensitivity analysis and Scenarios into Models Introduction and Application of Macro to enhance your Model.

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