Introducing Raadaa Conference Referral

Refer an organization to use Raadaa Conference for events like conferences, seminars, workshops, training, homecoming, etc. and earn 15,000 Naira per referral.


  1. Talk to an organization (School faculties and departments, Research Institutes, Professional bodies, Alumni associations) that is about to organize a conference.
  2. Get them to create a conference page on Raadaa Conference
  3. Get their members to start registering and paying for the conference via Raadaa Conference.
  4. 4. Submit your account to Raadaa and get your cash payment of #15,000.
Repeat this process and earn more.

About Raadaa Conference

Raadaa conference is a free and easy online platform that can help you reach a global audience to attend your events and conferences in the shortest time possible.
With Raadaa Conference, millions of academics and professionals can easily host their conferences, training, workshops and other events.
On this platform, you can; 

  1. Create conference, workshops or events pages online for free.
  2. Get potential attendees to register, pay & submit their abstract from the comfort of their homes.
  3. View the analytics of registered participants

Terms and Condition

* Request for cash can be done after at least ten(10) conference attendees have registered and paid for the conference on the platform.

* You can refer as many valid conferences as possible, local and international.