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Crisisinterventionasatheoryandamodelin Socialwork:apanaceaagainstmilitancyinthe Nigerdeltaofnigeria

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The utilization of theories and models in the practice of social work has become an integral part of the profession. This is hinged on the notion that social work is largely a scientific discipline that deals with problem solving in human relationship (Okafor, 2004). Hence, in handling cases in social work, there must be scientifically justified reasons that would explain, describe, offer possible predictions and make predictions where necessary. Where such reasons are lacking, the social work profession becomes nothing but a field not different from the layman’s problem solving engagement with the society (Coulshed & Orme, 2006).

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A new attitude, a new mindset, a new thinking pattern, focus and objectivity all geared at healing society.

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