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Public Enterprises Management in Nigeria

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PREFACE The book “Public Enterprises Management in Nigerian” has three parts with twenty-two chapters. In part, one we have defined the concept public enterprises, the origin of Public Enterprises, the justifications, objectives and reasons for the creation of public enterprises are enumerated and the criteria for identifying public enterprises were equally addressed. This part also discussed the classification of Public Enterprises based on Functions and Objectives. The Second part presents a brief history of public enterprises in Nigeria. We also discussed and drew the organisation structure of public enterprises; listed the sources of finance, staffing, control and accountability of public enterprises. Also we contend that the control functions of the key actors in the evaluation of public enterprises performance; enumerated performance measures of public enterprises and the problems of public enterprises in Sub Saharan Africa. This part concludes by positing that the success of public enterprises depends on the strict application of management principles and practices. There is no short cut to efficiency and effectiveness. The resort to sale of public enterprises confirms the fact that inefficient management cannot produce the desired results. The problems of public enterprises in Sub Saharan Africa should be addressed as a means of improving their performance. The concept of public enterprises as a developmental strategy cannot be overruled. However, the management of these enterprises in Sub Saharan Africa and in Nigeria in particular leaves much to be desired. The success of public enterprises in Nigeria is a function of the will of government. Part 3 exposes the student to the concept of privatization and commercialization of public enterprises. The forms, strategies, objectives, legal and institutional framework of privatization and commercialization are discussed. The reasons for the privatization and commercialization of public enterprises among which are poor performance of these enterprises are highlighted. This part also discusses privatization of public enterprises in the Sub Saharan Africa in general and Nigeria in particular. It listed the factors that led to the emergence of privatization; enumerated the modalities for privatization; listed and discussed the different types of privatization as well as explained the problems of privatization in Nigeria.

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