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Easy Way to Understand Arabic

Uploaded by Saeed Abduljelil

These books are created for people who already know how to read Arabic with vowel markings - but can’t understand it, and will allow you to understand Arabic within 2 weeks (if you're a really good memorizer), or a month (if you're a slower memorizer) inshaa' Allah. However you will continuously have to refer to these tables for revision for maximum benefit.

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Interference of First Language on Igbophone Students of Russian Language at the University of Lagos

The issue of language interference is an age long problem in language study and experts in applied linguistics have proposed and adopted theories to it with the aim of identifying the problems inherent in the study. Applied linguistics is the branch of linguistics which concerned with practical applications of language studies, with particular emphasis on the communicative function of language, and including such professional practices as lexicology, terminology, general or technical translation, language feeling (general or specialized language, mother tongue or second language), writing interpretation, and electronic processing of language.

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