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More on Raadaa

Raadaa is an online academic research website. It is a platform for individuals, authors and organizations - including publishing houses to publish, share and monetize both small and large contents, books, articles, research papers, magazines, blog and newspaper content. We are an educational technology company with a mission to accelerate access to research, information and knowledge sharing all over the world by giving authors the power to earn money from their works by monetizing it on our platform and allowing everyone to read for free.

Raadaa is Africa's first indigenous online research repository. Authors can monitor the consumption of their content and the discussions raised, as well as view their impact, based on the ratings and reviews they get. They can also share with fellow authors and participate in peer reviews. Content is uploaded and categorized. With this, users can easily navigate through categories to find a topic of their interest. This is apart from the generic search option available on the site.

Boosting your Academic Research Papers with Raadaa

With our innovative solutions, we have been able to avail the researcher a global audience at no cost. All you have to do is to sign up and upload your content. Raadaa accounts operate on these plans; Free, Basic, Standard and Premium. (see the pricing page for a breakdown of the plans).
For organizations, premium plans are subscribed based on the size and needs of the organization.

Asides these, the biggest advantage to authors on this platform is the fact that they can monetize and earn monthly revenue on their content. The platform is also beneficial to students as they can access thousands of materials for their assignments, term papers and projects. Students can upload their assignments, term papers and project work on the platform.

Key features and tools for your research paper on Raadaa


Gain access to varieties of written content and academic research papers on different disciplines and fields, including their abstracts and authors’ information.


Get updates about recent, trending and upcoming conferences, how to apply, payment, and access to conference materials.


Use insights to create forms, polls, survey, questionnaires and tests to gather statistical information and response from students, colleagues and friends and let us provide you with the results and analytics.

Plagiarism Checking

Use our plagiarism checker tool to ensure that your papers are void of inappropriate referencing or lifting. You can also print or submit your plagiarism checker certificate. Interestingly, certificates for student’s assignments or projects are submitted directly to the supervisor’s mail to curb mutilation of plagiarism checker results.


With channels, you can recieve written content or academic papers from multiple sources. For example, A lecturer, whom just assigned term paper topics to his students can create a channel, and share the link to the channel instead of his email address, where the students can submit their works. Channel allows the lecturer to download all these submissions well organized in a single zip file, saving the lecturer the horror of scanning through multiple emails. Channels have different privacy levels which can be set to your need.


Write and edit your papers online as drafts. You do not have to use other writing software if you don’t want to. This tool has been designed to give you a great writing experience, automatically saving all you type on it until you are ready to upload and share with the global audience.

Analytics on Research Paper

Raadaa provides you with detailed analytics on views, reviews, and downloads on your entries.

Monetization of Research Papers

Our Research Paper Monetization model allow you to make your content and research papers available for free and accessible to a large audience while you still make cool cash from them. On this Research Paper Monetization model you earn from views and reviews you get on your entries. see this to read more on monetization